What has the iPhone done to angling?

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Look closely…the line of anglers is lost into the fog.

A single photo or update can change your experience on a fishery. No longer does it take hours or days on the water to hit a fishery when the fish are in. A mobile post from Facebook or Twitter can send anglers flocking to the right place at the right time and ruin it for us all.

The previous statement has a touch of soap box underneath it, but there is also a side to technology that has improved angler access to river and tide information. Not hot spotting or fish tracking, but bare bones information that all anglers should have access to. The following applications for our smart phones and tablets give us easy access to fish counts, tides, river levels, and surf conditions. Below are a list of what we use to keep up to date on all things fish related.

Fish Counts: 
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River Levels:

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Surf Conditions:Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 3.17.36 PM Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 3.17.48 PM

Dispatch from Sri Lanka (Idylwilde Update)

Our buddy Rob, better known as Idylwilde’s Fly Czar, sent us some killer photos and an update from his trip to Sri Lanka, where he’s putting the wheels in motion for a new Idylwilde production facility.  Can’t wait to get our hands on the new batch of Chubby Chernnobyls coming soon to Cascadia Fly Shop.


Dear Kyle,

We finally landed in Sri Lanka late last night after a looooong trip. Had a full
day layover in LA, then another full day layover in Hong Kong. Just a
couple of hours in Singapore. In total, we spent 23 hours in the air
and another 26 hours in airport lobbies. By the time Zach and I
reached our hotel in Negombo, we had almost forgotten what sleeping in
a real bed feels like. Needless to say, we crashed hard.

I woke up at first light to the cackling of crows and mynahs. Outside
my window, a forest of golden coconut palms swayed in the onshore
breeze. I took a jog up the beach and soaked in the pungent
third-world smells. Growled at all the stray dogs that came chasing
after me. Nothing serious, thankfully. The beach here isn’t too
attractive by Oregon standards and there’s a bit too much human fecal
matter for my taste. But the people seem very nice and the overall
vibe is positive. The hotel breakfast was amazing, including an
incredible chicken curry, milk rice, and a fresh, hot-as-hell sambal
(salsa) that kicked serious ass.

After breakfast I walked around town to get my bearings. In a quiet
residential area, I saw a seven foot snake of unknown species (brown
with yellow belly) prowling a residential street. When it crossed the street in front of me, it was a long as the road was wide. Very fast mover and highly intimidating,
but it kept its distance. When I described the snake to the hotel staff, they said, “Ohhhh, cobra!” It turns out there are a ton of poisonous snakes in Sri Lanka. Good to know!

Our lunch at the Paradise Beach Hotel was one of the most exquisite meals I’ve ever tasted. I ordered curry prawns and ended up with four different curry dishes on the table: Green beans with curry leaves, red chili paste, ginger, garlic, lemongrass and roasted mustard seed; Ochra in yellow curry and coconut milk; Lentils and spinach in a mild
coconut curry; and, of course, Prawns in a rich red curry, with several kinds of fresh chilis, finished with chopped cilantro. No messing around! We really are in the heart of the spice world.

Monday the real work begins as we start to set up our new manufacturing facility. If all goes well, we’ll have Chubbies, Morrish Hoppers and Quigley dry flies in production in a few weeks–I’ll keep you posted.

All the best,


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